The First Tee – Shenandoah Valley is always grateful to anyone who would like to volunteer their time.  We welcome people who can help in all areas, including:

  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Administration

I decided to volunteer with The First Tee – Shenandoah Valley golf classes after my oldest daughter, Sarah, took her second class earlier this year. I left a little early from work one day to go hit some golf balls at the driving range to unwind from the work day and wait for her class to end. While her class was in session, I watched the coaches.  I watched the kids having fun.  I watched my child constantly yell my name to watch her swing the club. She was having fun along with one other young girl.  In fact, the only other girl in a class with 8 other boys.  I thought to myself, “if I can take off work a little early, once or twice a week, to come to the same place where my child is having fun and learning a sport which I have enjoyed playing, why am I not up there helping out instead of sitting around waiting?”  I have taught elementary kids at church in our “Aletheia Jr.” church program for the past 9 years so I have always enjoyed teaching younger kids and being a positive role model and mentor for them.  I don’t know why I waited so long to get involved with The First Tee.  It was then that I decided to research more about volunteering from their website and ask some questions to Jeff about their needs and how the whole process worked.  Since signing up, and completing some volunteer training courses online, I have helped with a PLAYer class and plan to volunteer in one more before the weather gets too cold.  I have met a bunch of fun, crazy boys who are learning the game of golf and it’s been good to meet and connect with their parents as well.  I also observed that there aren’t many girls that sign up for these classes from what I’ve seen.  They need more girls! My wife and I have 2 girls (5 and 7) who are in different classes and a boy (almost 2) who wants to do everything his sisters do. The girls have enjoyed the classes they have taken, the other volunteer coaches and coach Jeff.  They tell me what they’ve learned or how good they hit the ball or what new friend they made or what positive things the coaches said when they hit a good shot.  My oldest, Sarah, has mentioned numerous times wanting to play golf with me one day when she gets better (which she never mentioned prior to joining The First Tee program).  It was encouraging to me as I didn’t have the same opportunities to learn golf growing up and it has become something that we now share together, even if we do it recreationally.  We have gone to the par 3 short course a few times to hit some golf balls together and it’s become a family thing.     James Hairston, Volunteer Coach    

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To volunteer at the First Tee – Shenandoah Valley, please call 1-540-437-4239 or email [email protected]

As you consider volunteering for our chapter, know that the safety of our kids is our first priority.  Please read our Prevention Policies to see how we conduct programs and activities at our chapter.

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