The First Tee – Shenandoah Valley is always grateful to anyone who would like to volunteer their time.  We welcome people who can help in all areas, including:

  • On Course Coaching
  • In-School Coaching
  • Administration
  • Organizing and Sorting
  • Marketing

Volunteer Quotes

  1. I thought to myself, “if I can take off work a little early, once or twice a week, to come to the same place where my child is having fun and learning a sport which I have enjoyed playing, why am I not up there helping out instead of sitting around waiting?”  
  2. I have always enjoyed teaching younger kids and being a positive role model and mentor for them. 
  3. I don’t know why I waited so long to get involved with The First Tee. 
  4. My oldest, Sarah, has mentioned numerous times wanting to play golf with me one day when she gets better (which she never mentioned prior to joining The First Tee program).        

Click here for the volunteer application

To volunteer at the First Tee – Shenandoah Valley, please call 1-540-437-4239 or email [email protected]

How To Become A Volunteer

  1. Fill out the application above
  2. Complete safe sport training (chapter pay)
  3. Conduct background check
  4. Shadow a class
  5. Volunteer!