Player of the Year

Amir Saeed

My name is Amir Saeed. I am 14 years old and I am freshman at Harrisonburg High School

What are your plans after High School Graduation?  I plan on going to college and playing on sports teams for that school.

What other activities, besides golf are you involved in?  Besides golf, I am involved in JROTC, STEM, and I am also on the Harrisonburg High School track team.

Who is your favorite Golfer?  Rory Mcllroy

What is your favorite core value and why? My favorite core value is perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go as planned, but even when things get tough you should learn from your failures and always be able to bounce back and try again.

What type of impact has the first tee had on you? How will you pass this knowledge onto others? First Tee has helped me in many ways. When I was first trying out for the HHS golf team I showed up to tryouts without any clubs or any experience. First Tee helped provide both to me. They gave me clubs and I joined classes where I learned the basics of golf and helped develop my skills. Even outside of golf I use the First Tee core values every day. Volunteering in classes and going to different events have been great ways for me to give back to the program and pass on what I’ve learned.