Receiving payment for participation is a critical piece of the First Tee – Shenandoah Valley’s ability to provide Life skill instruction and golf related opportunities to deserving children across the Shenandoah Valley. Last year, program fees helped make it possible for children whose families could not afford the session prices to learn golf and life skills as a part of this program.

In an effort to make our program the most outstanding and affordable for our participants and their families, we have set our program fees as low as possible. Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions will each cost only $75 for all age levels. Our goal is to make the First Tee – Shenandoah Valley affordable for everyone.

However, First Tee – Shenandoah Valley understands that these are challenging economic times and that many families may not presently be in a position to provide payment. In response to this need, First Tee – Shenandoah Valley, thanks to its many generous donors, has created a scholarship program.

The criteria to qualify is similar to other assistance programs such as our public school’s free and reduced lunch program, as well as other widely accepted youth programs.

Scholarships are granted in all amounts, but we ask that your golfer write a thank you card to our donors who make these scholarships possible.