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Since 2010, we have been actively involved with the Overcoming Barriers Program established at James Madison University. This program was founded in 2010 by Dr. Tom Moran, an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. Overcoming Barriers was developed in an effort to provide an opportunity for children and adults with special needs to become more involved in sports and recreation. This program is a service not only for individuals with special needs, but their families, by providing support to the parents of individuals with disabilities who do not have access to other sports programs in the Harrisonburg area. Overcoming Barriers began with only 1 program serving 15 participants. Currently, this program has 14 programs with 110 participants, and has served 350 families over the past 6 years. Our involvement with the program has been substantial. The individuals in this program travel to di20150223_170925fferent facilities on weekdays to participate in different sports and activities. We are fortunate to have hosted the program at our facility over the summer and fall. This fall roughly 20 mentors and 20 participants visited us at our Par 3 course or our Harrisonburg Rotary Learning Center Tuesday afternoons. Participants use SNAG (Starting New At Golf) golf equipment and real golf clubs and balls to learn to play the game. The program also give us the opportunity to learn from the participants and educate others on how to interact with individuals with special needs. It is rewarding for us to be able to provide facilities and developmentally appropriate equipment for these individuals. We are very grateful to have this experience and work with such fun and loving individuals with special needs on a weekly basis. For more information, click on the link below: Empowerment3 & Overcoming Barriers Presents