Tropical Smoothie Junior Golf tour

Hosted by First Tee – Shenandoah Valley

The First Tee is happy to announce its first year of the Tropical Smoothie Junior Golf Tour. We hope that with this tour, we can create more fun and friendly competition outlets for local high school players as well as middle schoolers from around the valley and across the Commonwealth.
At First Tee, we understand the importance of competition to a developing golfer and believe the more options given will reward junior golf in the Valley.

The tour will consist of seven events in total, at four separate locations, two at Lakeview Golf Club and Spotswood Country Club in Harrisonburg, one at Shenvalee Golf Club in Shenandoah County, and two at The Club at Ironwood in Staunton.

THANKS TO AN ANONYMOUS DONOR THE $65 JOINING FEE HAS BEEN WAIVED and COST PER TOURNAMENT IS NOW $20! With that, players will receive a Taylormade hat, a First Tee player card that includes nine free walking rounds at Heritage Oaks Golf Course, and if they choose to register for a First Tee certification class, the first class fee will be waived.

Divisions are as follows: Middle School Division (6th, 7th and 8th Grade playing nine holes), High School Division (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade playing 18 holes) *8th graders wishing to play in the high school division are welcome to but will need to seek permission beforehand.

Much like the FedEx Cup. Each week Taylormade points will be awarded based on finishing position and will be redeemable at the end of the tour. Various awards will be given as well at each tournament in addition to Taylormade points.

Snacks/water to be provided by the First Tee

The overall winners of each division will also receive free smoothies for a year from Tropical Smoothie Cafe!!!



2021 Tournament Schedule


May 5, 2021     Lakeview Golf Club     Harrisonburg, VA     1pm     $20

Lakeview Results

May 12, 2021     The Club at Ironwood     Staunton, VA     1pm     $20


May 26, 2021     Shenvalee Golf Resort     New Market, VA     1pm     $20


June 2, 2021     Spotswood Country Club     (24 Player Max)     Harrisonburg, VA     2pm     $20


June 16, 2021     Sly Fox Golf Club     Middletown, VA     1pm     $20


June 30, 2021     Lakeview Golf Club     Harrisonburg, VA     1pm     $20


July 14, 2021     The Club at Ironwood     Staunton, VA     1pm     $20


July 21, 2021     Spotswood Country Club     (24 Player Max)     Harrisonburg, VA     2pm     $20


August 4, 2021     Shenvalee Golf Resort     New Market, VA     12:24pm     $20


August 11, 2021     Sly Fox Golf Club     Middletown, VA     1pm     $20


August 18, 2021     Lakeview Golf Club     Harrisonburg, VA     1pm     $20



        2020 Tournament Schedule and Results


September 2, 2020     Lakeview Golf Club     Harrisonburg, VA     1pm     $35  $20
Lakeview Results


September 16, 2020     Shenvalee Golf Resort     New Market, VA     1pm     $35  $20

Shenvalee Results

September 23, 2020     The Club at Ironwood     Staunton, VA     1pm     $35  $20

Ironwood Results

September 29, 2020     Spotswood Country Club (Limited to 20 players)     Harrisonburg, VA     2:00pm     $35  $20


October 6, 2020     Spotswood Country Club (Limited to 24 players)     Harrisonburg, VA     1:45pm   $35  $20

Spotswood Results

October 21, 2020     The Club at Ironwood     Staunton, VA     1pm     $35  $20

Ironwood Results

October 28, 2020     Lakeview Golf Club (Tour Championship)     Harrisonburg, VA     1pm     $35  $20

Tour Championship at Lakeview Golf Club Results


TSJGT Taylormade Points – High School

TSJGT Taylormade Points – Middle School


To register for an event, click the register button in the top right corner of this page. If you have any questions please call us at (540)437-4239